Internal substrate specification

  1. Hot-dip zinc coated steel with a total of 275g/m2 of zinc, according to EN 10147:2000. This can be finished with a number of coating - polyester, PVDF, Plastisol and Foodsafe finishes.
  2. Galvatite coated steel in accordance with EN 10147, for Celestia finishes.
  3. Galvalloy (hot-dip coated with eutectic alloy of approx. 95% Zn, 5% Al and other elements) in accordance with EN 10214 for coated steel HPS200.

Internal substrate thicknesses

  • Standard external sheet thickness 0.60 mm.
  • Other thicknesses are available by arrangement with Kingspan.


External substrate specification

  • The external cover layer - a single ply waterproof membrane made from softened PVC of 1,2 mm thickness with non-woven pad


Internal Coating Options

1. Standard Polyester – PES

Polyester is a universal, economic coating system suitable for exterior and interior applications. The nominal coating thickness is 15 or 25 µm.


PVDF offers unequalled colour and gloss retention and good corrosion resistance. The nominal coating thickness is 25 µm. It can be used in climates with extremely high UV radiation combined with extreme temperatures and relative humidity. The standard colour range includes metallic silver.

3. HPS200 (by Corus)

HPS200 is a premium architectural coating system, tested in the laboratory and on site in severe climates, for use worldwide. Its tough, 200 µm (nominal thickness) coating has the unique Scintilla finish and is available in bright or subtle hues, providing architects with an extensive palette of colours.

4. Plastisol 200 µm

Plastisol is a high performance coating system with a grain finish and a nominal thickness of 200 µm. Typical properties of Plastisol are excellent abrasion, high corrosion resistance, excellent flexibility and therefore very good scratch resistance.

5. Celestia (by Corus)

Celestia is a metallic-finish cladding steel with a 120 µm (nominal thickness) high performance Plastisol coating. The standard product has a high performance polyester coating on the reverse side. The metallic finish captures light and movement, giving depth and life to the cladding surfaces.

6. Foodsafe

The surface of this 150 µm thick polymer coating is non-toxic and resistant to mould, durable and easy to clean. It is chemically inert and safe for continuous contact with unpacked food. The standard colour is white. Consult Kingspan about the availability of other colours.
Other coating systems are available by discussion with Kingspan.


Rigid polyurethane closed-cell foam is the standard insulating core used. It is made to a non-deleterious specification and is CFC/HCFC free.


Plain and coloured aluminium is available on a project specific basis. Contact Kingspan Technical Services.


Kingspan Spectrum

Kingspan Spectrum

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